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Thinking of what to say about this book and realizing it's going to sound like I didn't like it. That is farthest from the truth. It's just that Russo is one of those writers that amaze me so much that I expect so much more from him than most writers will ever be capable of. So, while I had a few issues with the format of the story, still, a mediocre Russo book is better then almost anything out there. The way he tells a story, the characters he fills his pages with and the emotions he evokes are second to none.

So, about this book. )
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I like the idea of trying to read 50 books in one year. It's a good goal. I'm going to take it on. Even in my prime reading days I never read more then 40.

I have soooo many books and I really want to gobble them all up, so I figure putting a good number of them here on this list is a good start. Forty of them will be from my bookshelves and 10 will be from collected "Best of" lists from both The New York Times and the supplement I got from the Washington Post. I need more current and timely books on my list.

This post will also serve as a collection place to the reviews I hope to make for each book too.

Now, onto the list:

50 Books in 2011 )

Any thoughts on these? Recommendations? Opinions?

What are you guys reading next year?


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