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This mix was created for [livejournal.com profile] duckgirlie's Ampersand.

This was a great story about that time in life where the pressure of giving up dreams that seem suddenly unrealistic bare down on you. I really loved the different journeys that each member of this band took throughout the year this story chronicles. It all felt very real.

Life Expectancy

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This was so fun to compile! Like Mr. Baty, the creator of National Novel Writing Month says, “The universe loves novelists.” In the months before November, he says, the universe will drop bunnies and give you dialogue to overhear, scenes to observe and everything will ring with more meaning than ever before.

The world of music will do that to you too. Suddenly, all songs will seem perfect to explain a feeling, offer encouragement or curse the Muse. Love songs suddenly become about the love for the written word, break up songs become heart-wrenching angst about the story or the inspiration doing you wrong.

What I have collected here is a song for each day of NaNoWriMo that will hopefully translate to at least how some of us feel about the month ahead. Songs to get you pumped, to commiserate with you, to urge you on, to tell you the jealousy you feel for the people who sweep right past you is perfectly natural. And in the end songs to sings your praises.

Some of them, like some of us, speak in metaphor, some will probably only make sense to a few--or perhaps only me. But they were all chosen with love and affection for those hearty and touched-in-the-head-enough to attempt this monumental feat with me!


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Disclaimer: This is where I tell you that while I'm offering these for free for your inspiration, you should definitely go out and purchase the rest of the album from the artists you liked. Or at least a song or two! Just so I won't feel bad giving their stuff away for free! :)


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