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Wow. Sorry I've been MIA. It's been a busy couple of months. I keep telling myself to take a break and come here and update, and then more stuff comes up and now it all seems overwhelming just to try and remember. Lets see if bullet-points will help me keep it brief and manageable.

☆ Finished edits! \o/

Third round was the charm. So, it was sent to the copy editor who I guess signed off on it because I just received the proof. Which means, this might be the last time I have to read this book--EVER! w00t!

Just kidding. It does mean that I've been allowing myself to get giddy about it again. That's been really nice. And also has helped me not get completely freaked out about all the massive amount of things that come after a book is published.

☆ While waiting for the proof, I read the book my publisher wrote for their authors about marketing (and hyper-ventilated a lot), started looking for book reviewers (do you have any idea how very many there are!?!?!--oh, P.S. are any of you one? ♥) and started working on a website.

☆ Found out that my publisher changed their name. Well, not exactly. They are still Vagabondage Press, but they have decided to use that name for their erotica and to start the imprint Battered Suitcase for their literary, Young Adult and the like titles. So now, I am being published by Battered Suitcase. This is good for a few reasons. I had a few eyebrows because of the bondage in the title, (thank you 50 Shades!) But also, well, I didn't want to disappoint anyone who maybe was thinking it was erotica. No, not this time. ;)

☆ And okay, here is where I'm going to be sharing freakin' awesome things. Ready?
The official release date for From These Ashes: Tuesday March 12th, 2013!!! So sooooon!

☆ Oh, and also, here's the cover:


☆ And finally, I am still in the process of getting it up and running, but here is my website so far. Whatdya think?

When I get that all set, I will most likely be doing all my blogging from there. Best to keep it all contained and whatnot. If you like though, I can post here with links if you'd rather that then subscribe to yet one more blog. Let me know.

I love you all! <3333
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