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♥ Story for [livejournal.com profile] originalbigbang is coming along pretty well. It's about 8,500 words so far and will definitely hit the 10k mark and beyond. I'm feeling even more confident since they have moved the deadline back a month. ♥ Not really ready to talk about the story itself yet. It still feels like a theme in need of story sometimes--which is rather odd for me. More on this later.

♠ Found a really interesting online site to get published. It's called Everyday Other Things and they are looking for contributors to do collaborations of art and story/poetry. From their website:

If you're interested in creating something for the site, send us an e-mail. In return, we'll send you an image to work with, and a three week deadline. You send us what you come up with, we'll post it on our website.

If you are a photographer/graphic designer or visual artist, send us an image and we will pass it along to one of our contributors.

I thought that sounded like fun and sent away for a picture. I don't know if this is allowed, but here is the picture I received. Pretty cool, huh? I have ~ideas~. ♥

♣ So, not sure how many of you know this, but the folks at NaNoWriMo have started a new thing this summer called "CampNano" which is basically the same premise as regular NaNo but taking place in the summer and also without a lot of the pesky structure and rules. For example. You can do it in July OR August. You can stretch the same project over both months. You could try and write 50k a month or stretch that over the two as well. Basically just WRITE dammit!

I heard about it on June 30th, I think, and so July was out for me. But, I think I'd like to sort of participate in August. I should have most of my OFBB story done. And I'm not going to commit to a huge undertaking like a novel--don't be ridiculous! That's what November is for! No, instead, I think I want to write fun stuff. Short little ditties.

That's where you come in. I want PROMPTS! Ideas! Inspiration! Anything you want to throw at me! I have found (like with the picture and the [community profile] junetide) that I really like to write for other people, for other peoples' wants and specifications (whether or not the recip reads it or not). So by all means--PROMPT AWAY!

Ahhh, but of course, one caveat. There is no guarantee that your prompt will be chosen. Also, one more caveat: there is no guarantee that you will like what I do with your prompt.


Thank you!

Date: 2011-07-26 06:02 am (UTC)
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You know that I am always your girl when it comes to prompts, right? Well, at other times too, but especially for prompts.

I would love to read a story about someone who keeps finding new things turning up in her washing basket or on her washing line. Is she the other end of the interdimensional portal for lost socks, or does she have a secret admirer with excellent taste and the ability to pick her size?

Oooh, and maybe a story about a vintage dress or bag, and its search for someone who will love it as much as it should have been loved? Like, it was made for a trousseau or something and the marriage was bad and so it's been looking for Real Love ever since? Or perhaps it ends up on the red carpet and has some cynical reflections on celebrity culture?

And you know how we both love road trips, even if you do have a loathing for planning. I would love to hear a story about someone who has to take a trip to a family reunion - and something they learn on the way puts a whole different spin on their feelings about the projected reunion

Ooooh, and just one more, I promise. I have been reading this article on food packaging and trends in it and how people are fooled by it. I have no idea what you would do with it in a story, but I am kind of thinking about generational difference and changes in words and the way that this affects the sorts of stories we tell and are willing to listen to, even in such a superficial context.

*loves on you*


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